Hidalgo Brothers

A bespoke pleasure of getting the fitting in Hidalgo Brothers' bespoke and semi-bespoke suit tailors.

 Nothing compares with bespoke and semi-bespoke tailors in Savile Row. I had a personal pleasure to walk in into one of the best shops in the world where the gentlemen can get a fitting and find their own bespoke and semi-bespoke suit. As this street is known worldwide for the most exclusive bespoke suits existing today, it took time to break the ice of creating the men suit brand for a small, family-owned shop like Hidalgo Brothers. They excelled in their crafts, and over time, managed to become one of the best. I have the impression that they have a problem not to break even anymore, but to find time for some of the most respected gentlemen in the world to get their long desired suit. 

The suits can be ordered for a special occasion like a wedding, or just to distinguish themselves in everyday life, wherever we go. Hidalgo Brothers can certainly meet your needs.




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